Tuesday 2 April 2013


Fiji, ahh you were planed in secret, and well worth the effort. I organized and planned the whole trip to Fiji, keeping it from Justin as it was his 30th birthday present. It was weird, as I share everything with Justin, but for months I held onto this surprise. Even having to tell a lie when the travel agent called him about our flights to France, and mentioned something about Fiji

So on the morning of his birthday when we woke up in Paris is was amazing to finally give Justin his gift, I had been bursting at the seams in the effort to keep it in and not talk to him about it. The other beauty was, when we came home from France and suffered our holiday come down; we immediately started counting the days, weeks, and months until we would be off on another holiday.

As part of the gift I bought Justin a Lonely Plant guide for Fiji (which I read from cover to cover), I spent hours researching Fiji on the internet and I spoke to fellow blogger, Vanisha from Vanisha’s Life in Australia Vanisha's Life in Australia about Fiji.

Fiji turned out more amazing than I could have ever thought. From the moment we stepped off the plane at Nadi International Airport, I knew this place was going to steal a piece of my heart, after all who could not love a place when the tiresome process of customs is broken with the sounds of traditional Fijian folk music. This is not mine, but I found it on You Tube. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xz4I61giKq0

I knew straight off that six days was not going to be long enough, especially since we would be losing most of the first and last day to travel. After customs, we found our transfer to the hotel. Two hour plus drive from Nadi to Coral Coast was not fun, with a toddler who was over being stationary and just wanted to play. But, as soon as we got to Warwick Fiji Resort and Spa, all tiredness left my body, especially since on check we where asked if we would like a complimentary room upgrade. Umm let me think for a minute…would we prefer a standard room? Or a suite overlooking one of the pools and the ocean? Yes, we took the upgrade.

As good as the room was, we took all of ten minutes to change and then set off to explore the resort and the beach. Wow, how gorgeous a greeting did the resort give us with the most perfect sunset?!  Jarvis acted at home and thought everything was just the best place to explore. I just wish I had gotten photos of him at the swim up bar, and of Justin at dinner the first night. Justin has a huge appetite, he is always hungry, and so he was more than excited to take advantage of the all inclusive package. It included all meals and all drinks.

With very full bellies, and the sound of the ocean in our ears all three of us had a restful night, which was good, as day two was a very full day. I will write about this next week.

Jarvis off exploring the resort

Three pools, one with a swim up bar, and a spa, five restaurants, we did not know where to begin exploring.

 One of the restaurants, a private meal with own personal waiter could be had at the end of the pier.

 I wanted to just lay here for hours

Jarvis kept trying to catch the fish, so many bright colourful fish that would just swim up to you.

The seafood restaurant

 The view from our room at night, if we looked to the left: one of the pools

Look to the right: the ocean


  1. What an amazing place! I want to be there. Now.

    1. You would love it and so would Nereus. The resort, the whole place is so family orientated, makes everything about travelling with a toddler seem easier.

  2. How utterly beautiful and it looks so quiet too

    1. The resort is very family orientated which was perfect for us. Also because we went at an off peak time then resort was very empty. Great for us as we got an upgrade and there was no crowds where ever we went

  3. Fiji has always been a total fantasy destination for me. It looks amazing! How very lucky y'all are!

    1. It was amazing. But I think what made it even more special was the people. Such beautiful friendly people. We could learn allot about hapiness from them


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