Wednesday, 27 March 2013


Last week I wrote a post about kindness, about how women have stoped being nice to themselves and to other women. Tamika and I tested the theory of random acts of kindness to someone else, with good results. I elicited a smile from a previous sullen face. But it left me thinking it was time to suck up my own advice, and start being nice to myself.

I have been wearing my cranky pants, actually more like my stressed out pants, way to often of late. The stress of no money has made me a very unhappy person. While I cannot change the lack of money in my life, I can make a change on walking around feeling grumpy.

So I set myself three ground rules

1 Stop obsessing about it (easier said than done when you have an OCD personality)
2 Accept life for what it is (I want to be a stay at home Mum, so money is not going to appear from no where)
3 Fake it until it becomes real. (Put a retail smile on my face, until I can find my real smile)

Over all results? Not bad, I am still worried about money but trying to stop being obsessive about it. Attempting to look at the over image of my life. instead of the tiny details. I am smiling more and getting better at not always faking it.

I went grocery shopping with Tamika and Jarvis, (oh yes how exciting is my life?) and got told compliments by two separate people. One on my hair and the other on my skirt. I colour and cut my own hair, and have done so for the last twenty or so years. So when a woman approached me, telling me my hair was stunning, and could she have the name of the salon I go to, I was…. I was clumsy in my thank yous. But I did get a thank you out, and said I do it myself. Another girl came up to me and said that she loved my skirt. I just replied “it is an old tablecloth’ and walked off. Tamika got up me, and told me I should have said “thank you I made it myself; here is a business card if you want me to make you one”.

Goals for this week, practice saying thank you and remember to say positive things to others.

Again, the images really have nothing to do with the post. I discovered this old beach house on one of my explorations and thought it was like me, old and run down, but still had a certain charm. Each time I feel myself getting stressed I imagine myself sitting on that chair by the ocean. Does it work? Nup, but it would be a bloody nice place to be. 


  1. Good for you, your more positive "face" will uplift you and rub off on those around you too, and yes, make yourself some business cards, you can offer to make clothing, take photos, 'do' hair and I'm sure you have many more skills I don't know about yet.
    Go Girl!

    1. I actually do have business cards. But they are in a box in the bottom drawer of my desk. yes, I know. No good having them there.You are so right, I need to start being positive and think of what I can do and work out how I can make a living out of it.

  2. It is so so hard to be kind to ourselves, but it's worth it.
    Money stress is such a hard one to let go, I really understand how trying it is. Get those business cards out of your drawer and into your handbag, I'm sure people would be thrilled to have something made by you.

    1. Thanks Lila,
      I am trying, but will do on the business cards. Even if it is just to give to people when I take their photos

  3. I love the moodiness of the pictures :) It's hard to know what to say when a stranger has a kind word. I feel weird thanking them and then worry that I'm saying too much if I do any more than a simple thank you.

    Oh, and as far as cat eye glasses go, my next pair is super catty (which is great!). I ordered these ones in the tortoise:
    I work for a glasses store, so we see all the new frames as they come in. It's hard to resist getting more!

    1. Sometimes thank you does not seem enough. But then sometimes I suck at even getting a proper thank you out, go all stupid and shy.
      Because I knew I could not afford more than one pair I went for the most basic black, but it leaves me yearning for all of the other cute pairs of glasses out there.

  4. I find myself in a very similar situation. And yes, I agree with Tamika. You are a very talented woman. You could definitely be a work at home mom!

    1. Krysta, problem is I think I have left my confidence in the bottom drawer of my desk along with my business cards.


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