Monday 3 December 2012


One Hotel Room at a Time

Next stop Beaune, and the worse hotel we stay in. Actually I think it is the worse hotel we have, I have, ever stayed in. Justin picked all of our hotels for our French holiday, and overall he did an amazing job. Bar for this one. This one proved that male/boy humour is not a good thing when booking accommodation. Hotel Le Foch, hmmm lets be polite, and say grubby, and that is not just OCD me talking, even Justin did not want Jarvis to sleep in the bed and slept on my towel rolled up. 

Yes I bring my own, dark, towel with me when I travel. When you have the colour hair I do, and wash your hair, the towel ends up looking like you have slaughtered someone and have attempted to mop up the blood. 

The hotel was across the road from the historical part of Beaune; it is an ancient and historic town on a plain by the hills of the Côte d'Or, with features remaining from the pre-Roman and Roman eras, through the medieval and renaissance periods and up to recent history and modern times. Wandering around the 'Old Town' at night was beautiful. Plus the wine that the waiter recommended for Justin to have with his dinner certainly helped the town live up to is name as the 'Capital of Burgundy Wines".

In the morning the central square of the
Old Town was alive with people, as the traditional week-end markets were on. Stunning array of fresh delicious foods, some of which we have never seen at home. It was not only the food, but the market was awash with colour with all of the flower vendors selling the freshly cut flowers. I was so tempted to buy great armfuls, but the realist in me knew there was no point as by lunch time we were back in the car and continuing on with our journey.


  1. oh i'm a little envious of your travels... but maybe not the nasty accom. We stayed in a hotel (name now escapes me) in Paris and it was cheap and a teeny bit grubby. But it had it's own bathroom and beautiful big windows and we came home with a baby in the belly, so were were grateful!

    Enjoy :)

    xo em

    1. If I knew you could get a baby in the belly in Paris I would have gone earlier! Would have saved me doing fertility treatments!
      That was the only yuck accommodation, you should see the next few places we stayed at!


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