Friday, 7 September 2012


I am a couple days late, but it has been a busy week with my birthday lasting from Saturday through to Monday, and Father's Day on Sunday.

Jarvis seems to have gotten so tall in the last month; with big chubby feet, that no longer fit in any of the shoes he owns.

Two teeth have made an appearance, one on the 21st of August and one on the 25th. They did not come out with ease; there were tears and sleepless nights. We tried the Amber necklace theory... doesn't work, no success. Tried frozen teething rings and cold sugar success. Resorted to Panadol and Nurofen...success!

Jarvis still cannot roll over or crawl, but is taking his first steps holding on to furniture. In fact, I think I need a back massage, as he loves to walk holding hands. All Day!

He is fascinated with men, especially men with beards. But, is such a flirt with the ladies, his favourite type of girl is 20 plus with long hair. Hmm sounds like Jarvis's older sister, I wonder what Freud would say about that?

Hands have come into play this month, with waving hello and good-bye, and clumsy attempts at clapping hands.

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