Monday, 27 February 2017


I was so keen to get going, and leave the caravan park. I wonder if I would have been so eager, if I had known what the day had in store for us?

The day started off similar, town after town. Continuous road. With a break in Yass, and lunch in Sutton. The end of the day, is what held the twist. The original plan was to drive through Sydney (Justin's plan) and stay in a caravan park just outside of Sydney. Estimated time of arrival about 5pm....

No. What happened was we got stuck in Sydney peak hour traffic. Torture for all of us. The stop start towing a van is not easy. Justin and Jarvis were starving, and do not function well with lack of food. I know just how hungry Justin was, as we ended up pulling over in a servo, and having Maccas for diner. First time in ten years Justin and I have ever had Maccas for dinner. The food was still as crap as I remember. Jarvis opted for banana bread and a chocolate milk from the Mccafe.

It was then back on the road, and my turn to drive to the caravan park. Justin and Jarvis must have fallen asleep in a sugar/grease induced haze, as they slumbered I started to think I could smell smoke... All too soon I was driving through bushfires. Very surreal to have flames on either side of the road.

Even worse, was the fact that when I finally got to the caravan park I realised we would not be sleeping there for the night! Bit to close to the flames! The whole entrance was ablaze!

There were lots of road blocks and detours, and we did not even drive through the worse of it. But, what I did drive through was daunting enough.

So I drove on and on and on. Trying to get us as far away as possible from the fire and smoke. After three hours, I could drive no more, so I pulled over and slept the night in a rest stop on the side of the road. There was a loo, and somewhere to clean our teeth. Wet wipes as a shower. And the traffic to rock the van, and us, to sleep. What more could we want? 

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