Monday, 6 March 2017


Waking up at the Station Creek rest area was different. I was either so exhausted I fell into a deep sleep, or the rocking of the van lulled me all night.

After a quick (very basic) breakfast, we were on the road again. According to google maps it was only going to be a quick three and a half hour drive to Coffs Harbour. Nothing! Especially after all of the driving we had just done.

Unfortunately, we got stopped mid way on the highway for almost an hour, the fires were too close to pass through some areas. Lucky, for us, being stopped on the highway with the van attached meant I could just get out of the car, and go back and make us lunch.

We thought that we could not go through Coffs without a stop at the Big Banana. Coffee for Justin, and icecream for Jarvis and myself. Plus, we had to buy a fridge magnet for the caravan.

From Coffs it was a short drive to Sapphire Beach Caravan Part and Resort. Yup, this was the place! Holly Molly I loved it. Right on the beach, lush green grass and garden, with a pool. As soon as we set up the van, we decided that we were staying more than one night.

What a difference, the night before it was the roar of the traffic and smell of car fumes. To the roar of the ocean, and that distinctive small of salty fresh air....

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