Monday, 16 January 2017


I find the last day of any holiday is always a weird day. I want to go home, yet I want to stay on holidays. I want to do so much, that I think I have missed out on, yet I don't want to do too much as I know I have an exhausting plane ride ahead of me with a child.

The last day in Hong Kong was no exception. We woke early, had breakfast, and headed off to the markets. Jarvis really wanted to buy a Halloween costume. Justin knew an area that just sells costumes. So Jarvis had so much fun picking one out, and I was happy to find the area had a lot of yarn bombing.

But then the day, for me, went downhill. On the way back I thought I would shout myself some shoes that I had been eyeing off in a couple of the shops. Tried five or more shops, not one stocked the styles I like in larger sizes. I am an Australian size 9, which is a size 40.  

Then we meet up with Justin's family at a restaurant for yum cha. Yes, they have bums and willys on the buns, but waiting for over an hour for average food was not great. Even then we had to sit at two separate areas because we had too many people for one table. Jarvis and I both really wanted to spend time with Justin because he was on a different flight home and we would not see him for two days, but we were at opposite ends of the restaurant.

Then we had no idea what to do after lunch. Justin's whole family wanted to spend the afternoon with us, but there were just too many people walking around.

I suggested the park, so Jarvis could have a play, yet after 20 minutes, Jarvis was so red and sweaty from the heat.

With a loss as what to do, we and all of Justin's family just ended up sitting in the hotel foyer, waiting until it was time to bus it to the airport. Crap ending to our stay. I know it was a crap ending as I did not take a single photo after lunch...

Interesting thing to note, we got to the airport and Justin and his Mum went their way to check in, Jarvis and I went our way. They started 30 minutes before us, yet Jarvis and I still made it through, check in, security and customs almost 20 minutes before Justin and his Mum. And this was with Jarvis and I stopping for a very (very) long loo break. Why is it Justin and his Mum always get stopped for every security check known to man, and I always get waved on through every security check?

What is it like for other people when they travel? 

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