Monday, 23 January 2017


Have you ever come home from an overseas holiday, jet lagged as all get out, and think it would be a great idea to go on a ten day road trip? No? Am I the only crazy one?

Rewind to the beginning of October, I was having a moment. Okay, I was having a sulk. All my life I have wanted to own a small caravan. I had been watching this van on Ebay for a bit. Both Justin and I had emailed the owner with a gazzilion questions. I knew that this was the van for our little family. Even though my instincts told me the price was too good that there had to be something wrong with the van...I just fell in love with it.

It did not sell the first time, and when it got re-listed, I thought to myself, "it's a sign! The van is meant to be mine". Did not matter that I did not have the money to buy it. It did not matter that the van was located in South Australia. It did not matter that we were going to Hong Kong in October to take Justin's Mum over to visit her family. It just did not matter. I wanted that van.

At the beginning of Chester's second birthday party, I thought... okay I didn't think, I just acted, and bid on the van. The day passed, and we all had a amazing time at the party. It was not until we were driving home that I thought to look at the listing. This is when my sulk started. I had missed out on the van by the smallest of amounts.

Even Justin was super disappointed, he spent the night looking at other vans to bid on, trying to convince me this van was not the only one. I didn't care, I went to bed with a sulk and a tear in my eye.

But!!! I woke up to an email from the owner, the other bidder was not being pleasant. So he retracted it from sale. And sold it to us privately. THE VAN WAS MINE!

Justin and I, okay well I screamed with excitement. And then the realities hit. I had to pay for the van AND pick it up. We sat down to look at our rosters and realised the only gap we had was immediately after Hong Kong. I was so thrilled at the thought of the van I thought "no worries, we can do this"....

Sneak peak at our van, swoon, isn't she a gorgeous old girl?!

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