Thursday, 1 December 2016


At the beginning of the year, the pain in my knees and joints, had gotten so bad that walking up the two stairs from the kitchen to the lounge room seemed like an epic feat. An my back was constantly aching. So I asked google.

One of the hints that kept coming up was magnesium. To bath in it, and to take it orally. I am not a fan of baths, so I opted to take two tablets a day. Logic was "give it a go".

Did not think much about it until the last few days. I ran out of tablets two weeks ago. And, because work stuffed up my pay and didn't pay me last fortnight, I was more than a little broke. So I didn't get any more tablets.

However, tonight the pain has returned in full force. Even the veins in my legs are hugely swollen. I am missing my magnesium!

Jarvis's favourite hack is when he get a mozzie bite, which he gets hundreds of. Which he then scratches and they get infected. His favourite thing is "hot spoon". I google this hack and I use it on myself all the time, as well as Jarvis.

You boil a kettle, pour some water into a cup, heat a metal spoon by dipping it in the water, then roll the spoon over a fresh mozzie bite. It has to be fresh. Do this several times. ALWAYS, ALWAYS check the heat of the spoon on the inside of your own wrist before applying it to a child. The hotter the spoon the better. But obviously don't burn your poor child.

The bite will come up red and swollen, but then after a little bit it disappears and best of all no itch!

The pain I am in tonight has got me thinking, what are the other home remedies and hacks that other people love, and cannot live without? Share them with me? Love to hear your simple hints.

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