Tuesday, 22 November 2016


After our false start on Friday, Sunday morning Tamika picked Jarvis and I up, and drove us to the airport.

I have made the flippant comment "my children are amazing travellers", but it has taken a lot of trial, and error, to figure out what works and what doesn't. But, I can honestly say Jarvis was an incredible travel buddy.

He is responsible for his bag, for what goes in it and what doesn't. For the flight to Hong Kong he packed, two books, one bunny, a few cars, a mobile phone (it is an old phone, that was gifted to Jarvis), his camera, a change of clothes, a jumper, and food. Lots of food. Even though planes serves kids meals, they never come when needed, and are often not familiar. Which is import if trying to settle a toddler/child. I always buy one or two small gifts for him to open on the plane. Great in moments of need. He got a matchbox car, and a book of stickers.

I always give plenty of warning about how there are four really, really boring bits before we get on the plane. 1. the line up at the ticket counter. 2. Going through security and baggage checks. 3. Customs. 4. Waiting and boarding the plane. I find Jarvis is okay with these boring steps as we count them through. If he gets over it, then, yes, I am the Mum who uses the phone. Jarvis has a couple of games downloaded, and I will sit him on top of my carry on bag and wheel him through the steps while he plays.

Interestingly though, travelling alone with Jarvis, I got super speeded through every step. Line up at ticket counter, directed over to first class. Security and Baggage, through a side gate. Waiting and boarding, told to get on first with first class. Umm, okay. That was so easy.

Once on the plane, Jarvis is always fine. Chewy lolly as a treat for take off and landing, which helps pops the ears also helps.

A couple other things I always do are, 1. Ask for the window seat. I feel it give Jarvis and I, our small space that we do not have to share with people if we are in the middle seats. 2. After boarding, change Jarvis and I into super comfy clothes. It gives us more comfort, makes it easy to sleep and saves the 'other' outfit getting dirty, so when you get off the plane you are wearing relatively clean clothes.

So after a very long day on the plane, Jarvis and I landed in Hong Kong and got through customs at super speed. I am not sure who was more excited to see who, but it was a very happy reunion of the three Js at the airport.

Then onto the bus, to travel the hour ride into Hong Kong. Jarvis talked Justin's ear off non-stop the whole time. Dropped the bags off at the hotel and grabbed my firs of many wanton noodles. Then Jarvis and I were asleep before we could even blink. 

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