Monday, 14 November 2016


Everything was ready, Justin and June flew out on Wednesday. I worked Thursday and then spent Friday running around like crazy, doing those one hundred and one things that you need to do before you travel overseas with a child. I invited Tamika, Guy, Chester and Lola over for dinner so we could eat through what was ever left in the house. What we didn't eat I gave to them. Finished last minute packing and put away all of the washing.

I went to bed thinking this time tomorrow night I get to see Justin....

But noooo!

In the morning, just as we are about to leave for the airport, I get a phone call from Qantas telling me that all flights to Hong Kong were cancelled due to the Typhoon Haima. At first I thought it was a prank call, but jumped online to find out it was real. Even worse the earliest flight they could get us on was on the Sunday at lunch.

Friday and Saturday were spent in limbo, other than feeling lucky I got to hang out with Tamika and the kids for an extra two days, I wandered around not doing much. Bar for wondering what Jarvis and I could eat.

Yes, as the photo shows I REALLY emptied out the fridge, we had water, film
 and one mintie. 

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