Tuesday, 9 August 2016


After lunch we set off for the farm. Words cannot describe how amazing this place is. So I will let the images tell the story. Jarvis and the owner's dog bonded immediately.

After a rest, we went for a walk on the property. Is was a VERY windy, cold afternoon. And a hard hike uphill. But I was determined to make it. as there is a spot on the property that gets phone reception and internet. Other wise no reception. I made my one call to check on Tamika and then was happy to go phone free.

The only thing I struggled with on that freezing day, was the outside shower and toilet. It got below zero over night and I felt it trying to shower in the wind with Jarvis and I fighting for a bit of warmth in the water.

Interesting. None of us noticed the lack of phones or TV. Justin spent the night doing a jigsaw puzzle and I read a book and crocheted. 

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