Wednesday, 3 August 2016


With Jarvis starting prep next year I am at the point I am asking myself what next...

I spoke to a career adviser at a uni the other day, after chatting to me and filling out a questionnaire she came up with the following job options for me...

Travel Consultant
Art Therapist
School Principle
Natural Healer

Not sure what a natural healer is. Plus, I am pretty sure you need to be a teacher BEFORE you become a School Principle. But the other options sound good.

How about you? If you could pick any career in the world what would it be?

My top three
1. Stay at Home Mum
2. Travel Blogger
3. Movie Reviewer

Jarvis told me, I should be a rainbow unicorn and never leave him to go to work again. Okay so rainbow unicorn sounds like an interesting job option where do I sign up?  

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