Sunday, 14 August 2016


So my granddaughter is already a week old! It has been a crazy roller coaster week, hence, why I have not written about this sooner.  

Last Friday and Saturday I helped Tamika, Guy and Chester move into their townhouse. Late Saturday night I was very tired and bruised, as Tamika drove me home I jokingly said "please don't have the bub tonight or tomorrow I am too tired."

Well Bub did not listen.

At 4.15am Sunday morning Tamika had her first show. She called me, and woke Guy. Then called the midwife.... Yep that was all to plan. But the next hour was not.

Tamika knew with the very first contraction something was not right, that this bub was in a hurry. She called back the midwife, who told her to call an ambulance. Guy, was like, no need I will just pack and we can drive.

Lucky Tamika followed her intuition. A with just two pushes, bub was born in the back of the ambulance in Tamika's driveway at 5.47, just over one hour and half from her first show.

It was an extremely hard birth for all of us. For me to be inside the apartment playing trains with Chester, hearing my daughter screaming for me. For Guy to see Tamika go through the birth and then begin to hemorrhage. And obviously it was the hardest for Tamika.

Tamika lost a LOT of blood and lost consciousness on the way to the hospital. The rest of the story is not mine to tell, it is Tamika's

But the drama continued for a few days... culminating in another ambulance ride Tuesday night back to the hospital for emergency surgery. (The hospital had only discharged her a couple of hours before against my better judgment).

But, now a week later I can finally say Mum and baby are good when I tell people Tamika had her baby.

Welcome to the world, Lola Ruby Lietzow-Chinn. You certainly know how to make a dramatic entrance!

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