Monday, 1 August 2016


After a hiatus from blogging I was not sure I was going to blog about our anniversary holiday. But, yesterday I was going through the images, and I thought, these are memories I want to preserve. So four weeks later.. here is day one, part one, of our trip to Theresa Creek.

This year it was Justin's turn to organise our holiday. With him so busy with work, we could only get away for a few days. What Justin found was perfect. We left Brisbane early Wednesday morning and headed towards NSW. 

Justin, as usual, drove. With my crochet in hand I was happy (as usual) with being the passenger. Jarvis and I, play a car game, so he was also happy as passenger. Honey Bear also came along for the trip.

First stop was a quick loo break at a servo. Second stop, a longer break at a pop up op shop. Holly Molly I could have spent SOOOO much money there. I was refrained, and came away with nothing. But a month later I am still thinking about those amazing vintage jeans and a certain purple poncho.

Then we stopped for a lazy lunch at Lismore. As you can see by the photos, Jarvis really hates going on not.

Next week, I will do part two, with images from the farm. I took so many I did not want to overload this post. 

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