Monday, 23 May 2016


I have been sewing, a little bit here and there. I just have not had the energy? Or motivation to photograph and blog about all of the items. I have felt a bit like the below photo of Jarvis.

Week Thirteen
I finished Chester's Avengers sarouels, and made him a pair of flannel sarouel pjs. The Pjs are huge on him. But, he looks adorable in them.

Week Fourteen
I thought it was time Tamika got a look in on the sewing, so I made her and Chester a pair of matching pjs. I call the fabric winter wonderland.

For Chester I actually used a pattern, rather than just winging it, yup an actual pattern. I cut, and sewed him a size one. But they swam on him. I took them in at the sides, but added an extra large cuffed hem. The flannel is from last years stash, and I found it to shrink a LOT in the first few washes. Tamika's was a guess (read no pattern), again I left them extra long to allow for shrinkage.

Week Fifteen
I finished off the yellow corduroy sarouels that Jarvis requested. Would not have been my first choice in colour, yet he loves them. I also made Oli a pair of winter wonderland pjs, I made them the same as Chester's, just slightly longer in the waist and leg.

Week Sixteen
This week Jarvis wanted to do some sewing, so I thought we would do something really basic. He selected the fabric, and we made a pencil case. Yes, It could have been better, yet, we made it with him on my lap (I did the sewing peddle) and he directing the fabric through the machines.  Jarvis loves it so that is all that matters.

I also made Jarvis a new pair of tartan flannel sarouels. The first pair of sarouels I ever made Jarvis were tartan, they were Jarvis favourites, so he requested a new pair when he gave his old pair to Chester.

Week Seventeen
I felt like doing some selfish sewing so I went through my stash and found enough of this material to make myself a skirt. Wizzed through it in two nights.  The colours are a bright orange and a plum on a white back ground. She is yet without a name. Any suggestions? 

Week Eighteen
No sewing, it was not a good week.

Week Nineteen
No sewing, but did struggle to the floor, and cut out a few items. Not ready to show these yet as the are for the Handmade Dress Swap. Like last year, I am making myself a matching dress. Yup, I am a dag like that. But in reality, I can also practice the dress on mine and hopefully get it right when I make it for my partner. 

Week Twenty

Holly Molly this is some serious catching up.

I made Chester dinosaur sarouels, and Jarvis robot sarouels.

Plus, I have made a big start on the two dresses for the Handmade dress swap. I am making myself one. Like last year, I practice on mine, if it works, then I do my partners.

I used New Look 6208. However, I adjusted the skirt, and the bodice. So not sure how much they are going to turn out like the images on the envelope.

On a side note, has anyone got/used a bias binding foot? 

Okay so massive catch up, and still heaps of finished projects to photograph and sew. Hope I will get these done in time for next week. 

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