Monday, 21 March 2016


In just over a week, we went from the hot beaches of the Sunshine Coast to the cool air of Tasmania. Justin had a booking for a wedding in Tasmania, Jarvis and I were lucky to go along for the ride.

Jarvis is quite the experienced traveller now, so he took packing, and flying all in his stride. His only disappointment was that he had been hoping for a blue or a red hire car. His words "oh no boring white". Next time just for Jarvis we will ask the bride to organise us a 'non boring colour car'.

The apartment was lovely. Too lovely and clean and white for a toddler! But the apartment, and my nerves, survived a four and a bit day visit by Jarvis and Justin. (Actually in hindsight I would say Justin makes more mess than Jarvis. Justin has been away for a couple of weeks in Japan and the house has stayed super clean with him away).

Justin spent the afternoon with the bridal party, so Jarvis and I set off on foot to explore the suburb we were staying in.

Battery Point, is one of Hobart’s oldest and most historic areas, it is one suburb away from the city (Dad said south of the city) It was love at first sight for me. Clean streets, heritage listed buildings, pink houses, flowers everywhere, the water one street away, and cute shops. Jarvis was impressed as well. Water, a big boat, a great park and a vintage style lolly shop. I found myself taking looks of photos of clouds and cute houses.

Side Note: Another reason I loved Tasmania.

From 1 November 2013, retailers in Tasmania can no longer supply shoppers with a plastic shopping bag for the purpose of enabling goods sold, or to be sold, by the retailer, to be carried from the retailer's premises. The primary aim of the Tasmanian Plastic Shopping Bags Ban Act 2013 is to reduce the number of lightweight plastic shopping bags in Tasmania by encouraging the use of clean reusable bags.

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