Sunday, 27 March 2016


Last night we made plans to go to the movies today, Jarvis requested that his Avengers sarouels be sewn up. This was easy as his, and Chester's, had already been cut out in last weeks sewing session. I am not normally into licensed clothes, I have a very strong dislike for any tshirt or any item of clothing that has licensed 'stuff; on it. I find it all very blargh. But this fabric was gifted to me, and I have to concede that it looks 'okay' sewn up.

Week Twelve
As requested, one pair of Avengers sarouels. I am yet to finish Chester's but will do that this afternoon. Chester got one pair of flannel sarouels cut in last weeks cutting session. So both boys are doing well.

I also went onto Spotlight today, yeah I know who goes to work on their day off? But with 30% off all fabric I thought it was the perfect day to get Jarvis his two of his three requests for winter. He has asked for a pair of tartan sarouels to replace the ones he handed down to Chester, a bright pair of cord sarouels, and a rainbow sarouels. I knew I would have no luck with the rainbow corduroy. But he selected fabric for his next two pairs of pants. 

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