Monday, 21 March 2016


Week Eleven

Even though it is still hot here in Brisbane, I thought it was time to start working on the boys winter wardrobes.

I had a big cutting out session one night, two pairs of pants each and two pairs of flannel pjs each. Jarvis again choose which fabric for each and every pair. He is certainly developing strong notions of what he does and does not like to wear.

I love how I can cut Chester's out of the tiniest of remnants. Even though Chester is still so tiny I thought I would go up to a size two, to last him through the winter. Jarvis requested "super, super long pjs". No worries, as I thought he would get two winters out of them.

As of today I finished two pairs of pj sarouels for Jarvis. He had so much fun modelling asked to wear them today. After half an hour of sweating in them, I finally convinced him to take them off.

Chester got a pair of corduroy sarouels, and a pair of deer old man pjs, which I cut from last year's remnants of Justin's. The cords are fine, if not super long on Chester, but the pjs at size two swim on Chester, think these will have to go away until next year.

I think that is why I love the sarouels design so much. Not only for style, and comfort, but for the fact worn 'too big' they look cute, and allow extra wear out of them.

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