Tuesday, 29 March 2016


Saturday was the day of the wedding. So we only had an hour or so with Justin in the morning, before he had to set off for work. So Jarvis, and I, thought we would show him some of the sights of Battery Point that we had discovered the day before.

First stop was a coffee for Justin, then we walked back down to the water and looped around to the park. I must say...Tasmania was certainly showing off with it's perfect weather.

This house was great, my assumption is the lady who lives there is an artist. Not only did she have a PINK house! She has this great window display and a collection at her front door. The collection is of shells, stones, feathers, odds and ends. She encourages the children to take something and replace something, so the collection is ever evolving. Jarvis took a stone. At the end of our visit I left a four metre daisy crochet chain in rainbow wool. How someone enjoyed that.

The afternoon and evening, was the wedding. The bride's dress, wow I was speechless, most gorgeous thing. The location was pretty special as well.

The fun part was at the end of the night when I was leaving. The location was in the middle of no where, so it was pitch dark. Driving the car down the dirt road to the property gate Jarvis opted to share his vivid imagination with me.

I had to get out of the car to unchain the fence, Jarvis yells out to me:

"Mum, Mum, that man with the weird eyes is staring at you"

Yes, I was more than a little freaked. I had to get back in the car, and then walk back in the dark to rechain the fence. Just to freak me out a little more Jarvis once again yells out:

"Mum he is looking at you really weird, and walking over"

I may or may not have ran back to the car, locked all of the doors and done a massive burn out in my attempt to get out of there.

Too much imagination?? Please tell me he just has too much imagination?

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