Wednesday, 16 March 2016


Last year my contract ran out with Optus. It did not bother me in the slightest. Stayed with my old phone and paying pre-paid. Eventually my old phone stopped working, so I went in and got talked into the Samsung Galaxy S5. Apparently the camera is meant to be good.

Me, a phone is a phone I do not really care. However, from the start I thought this phone was a bit dodgy. At first I thought it was because the phone is a cheaper model than I use to have.

Battery goes flat within a couple of hours, phone gets really hot to touch, and if I actually talk on the thing everyone complains that I drop in and out, and that they cannot hear me.

Six months down the track, and three visits to Optus stores. Still no solution to my phone. First visit I was told to upgrade my software, second was told nothing wrong with phone, third visit they changed the sim card. Which she said she had backed up/transferred all of my phone numbers, but nup all gone. 

How any of this would solve the issues with the phone I am not sure.

Today, I call, and was on hold for an hour collectively over a couple of calls to customer support. This does not include the talking time. 

New solution they will send me a post bag, and I have to post my phone away for someone to look at it. Which means no phone for a couple of weeks. His solution was to go and buy another phone while my phone is sent away. Seriously! If I buy a new phone why do I need my freaken old phone???

The sales assistants have all been friendly young kids, who I am sure are following company procedure. But seriously Optus get your act together! 


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