Tuesday, 15 December 2015


On Sunday morning we set off for Toowoomba for our mini holiday. Well it was a mini holiday for me. For Justin it was a business trip. And for Jarvis it turned out to be his first portrait session...more on that later.

The trip should take under two hours. But when you have a child, factor in five wee breaks. One coffee and milkshake break. Plus one op shop shopping stop. We stopped to let Jarvis got to the loo and stumbled across this excellent op shop. It was a dream come true for me. 

Unique 'n' Fabulous is run by Janet, and she is lovely. She let Jarvis use her private toilet, without even a blink of an eye. Then I stopped to look around, true vintage wares at excellent prices. I am already regretting not buying more. I really feel one anodised saucepan and one tea towel didn't fulfill my vintage lust. Justin bought the creepiest/funniest cookie jar as a gift.

Back on the road, with on one more loo stop between us, and Toowoomba. First stop was lunch, then on to our accommodation

I have drive through Toowoomba but never stayed, as soon as we pulled into our accommodation, Vacy Hall, wow, I was lost for words. The history. The decor. The architectural beauty of this building.

As much as we wanted to explore more of Toowoomba, we took time out for a much needed nap for us all.

The afternoon was spent at Laurel Bank Park and Gardens. It is a beautiful parkland close to Toowoomba's city centre, featuring spectacular manicured gardens, a scented garden, a playground, picnic area and croquet greens.

Then is was several laps around the city, first to find an open store, then it was to pick up Thai food, then it was round and round in circles trying to find Justin's lost wallet. Then it was eventually back to Vacy Hall, where we had a lovely dinner with Sam and Sarah.

Jarvis had his own bed in the room, but we all snuggled up in the one bed to watch a bit of TV and to keep warm. We as in the three Js, Sam and Sarah went back to their own home much to the dismay of Jarvis. 

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