Tuesday, 8 December 2015


And just like that it was time to go home. In true 'us' style we spent the last day eating. Wandering the streets taking photos. Then taking advantage of the fact we were staying in a Air B&B, and having a massive nap, and shower.

I used my skills at packing, and fitted all of our (Justin's) purchases back in the same small bags we came over with. Bar for one extra bag/box which had his new Docs in them.

Taxi, bus, plane. Waiting. Lines. Three whole novels read. And before we knew it we were back at the Gold Coast.

Lucky for me Justin can drive/survive on little to no sleep cause Jarvis and I slept the whole drive home. Why is it I can sleep so well in a car, but never on a plane? Maybe it was that coffee in a can before we left Tokyo?

I have to send out another thank you to the travel gods. Jarvis was an angel to travel with. 

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