Monday, 21 December 2015


If an "apple a day" is good for you, then does that double if there are two apples?

Or in this case two apple wearing weirdos. Yes, I made a skirt in the same fabric as Jarvis's sarouels. In my defence the fabric is cute as, plus 100% cotton, two thing that are important to me in my fabric selection. Further in my defense, Jarvis selected and told me to wear my apple skirt to match him. I think this will be a once off matching day. 

Jarvis is wearing Green Apple Sarouels in a size 4. I am wearing a Red Apple full skirt, with a double pocket, in Julie size.

I rarely get my photo taken. I don't like asking Justin and since I do not own a tripod, however on Monday, in Toowoomba, I had two very cute photographers taking my photo.

I think soon Jarvis will be my official photographer. He even sold his first set of photos this week. Here is a link to his photography blog

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