Monday, 24 August 2015


We all woke with excitement, as we were on the move to Ubud. We had organised a driver for the trip, so it was an easy check out and travel. For the car ride to Ubud out came my old, old laptop, and Jarvis watched Avengers (again).

Side note: how many of you get excited that we dropped off a garbage bag full of dirty clothes, at a laundry just outside Ubud, and got quoted $3 Australian to wash and dry the lot!

Our accommodation was in a rural part of Ubud, even our driver had trouble finding it. With no road access, we had to carry our luggage, and Jarvis, over a narrow walkway through the rice fields.

I was impressed as soon as we got there. Jarvis and Justin equally so. The pool, the hut, the surroundings. All looked amazing. We sat around the pool deciding our next options, and thought we would hire a scooter. This is when we discovered the whole place had no internet. The young kid running the place said, sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I wasn't bothered, but Justin was.

So we hiked it back up to the road to try our luck at finding a taxi to drive us into Ubud. In Ubud we sorted out the essentials. Scooter hire, check. Big yummy meal in a cafe with internet, check.

At first Jarvis did not want to put the helmet on his head, and was a bit cautious about hoping on the scooter. But, I found if I got him to sit on my lap, facing me and wrapped him onto my body he loved it. So much so he did not want to get off, after going for a ride through the mountains.

We found a grocery store, and did some basic shopping for food for the rest of the night and breakfast.

Back at the hut, we discovered fault two with our accommodation. No hot water. Okay, so for me who loves a very hot shower, this was uncomfortable, but again like the internet, I thought it comes with the territory of being so rural.

What I did not cope with was strike three against our accommodation. We all went to sleep okay, but an hour, or so, after I heard a noise, yes I know we were in the middle of a rice field and animal noises are common. However, this was above my head. I dove out of bed grabbing Jarvis with me. Unfortunately, Justin was not so lucky and ended up with a rat crawling across his forehead. Gag!

So the rest of the night I stayed awake holding Jarvis in the middle of the room on the day bed, and Justin slept at the end of the bed. I amused myself by reading and counting just how many rats I could see roaming our room... Was not a rest filled night. 

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