Monday, 31 August 2015


After little to no sleep, we were dressed, and out of our hut as quick as we could. This time Jarvis had no hesitation getting on the scooter. After a breakfast in Ubud, where we used their Wifi to book new accommodation, we were happy just to ride around, stopping for snacks, and to take photos of the locals.

Even back at our hut, we just wanted to wander and take photos of our surrounds. Avoiding our rat hut? Possibly. I did love Ubud. Even with the rats. There was a calmness to the place, that encouraged me just to breath. Normally I would have totally lost it over the rat, but I just accepted that was life in the mountains.

Plus I cannot find the words to express how nice the people of Bali are. As we were walking around Jarvis needed to go to the loo, with no public toilets anywhere in sight, I asked a local if she knew where one was. She indicated to follow her, and before we knew it we were inside her house? Village? And she lets Jarvis use the family toilet. Cannot image any Australian opening their house to a complete stranger like that.
Thank you Ubud family, for the use of your loo.

But, soon enough it was time to pack up and leave. A driver picked us up, and followed Justin into Ubud, where he returned the scooter. Then, it was another few hours in the car, with another viewing of Avengers.

Padang Bai, wow. Beach side accommodation, and a pool with a swim up bar. 

After been in the car for so long, we went for a walk along the beach on to the next beach. Blue Lagoon. It was grey and overcast, so the beach was not blue, plus the neat freak in me got/gets so sad at the amount of litter on the beaches.

Temples on the beach

A not very blue, Blue Lagoon Beach

This is how they dispose of their rubbish, plastic and all.

Lots of photos from this day, but lots of things that I do not want to forget.

Jarvis ended the day his favourite way, at the swim up bar

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