Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Before the sun had even risen, Jarvis lifted his head from the pillow and said "level six breakfast". Yes, just like his father, Jarvis woke thinking of the buffet breakfast. We spent the next hour or so playing and getting dressed, to fill in time until the buffet breakfast opened. Justin went out to take photos in the early morning light.

Breakfast was good. Jarvis ate so much food. At the end declared "I really like holiday breakfast".

Then it was a short walk to the beach. Oh, who am I kidding, it was a long walk with each of us sharing carrying almost 20 kilos of child. I think the noise of the street overwhelmed him, and he wanted to be close. As, soon as we hit the beach, he was happy again and wanted to play straight away.

After hiring two beach chairs for 50000 for two hours, we spent most of the time playing in the water. At first Jarvis was hesitant. But I played the game I always do to get him use to the water. By the end of two hours he was going full steam ahead. He was sitting on Justin's shoulders, going out super deep, and laughing like crazy when the water was hitting Justin in the back.

One odd/weird/bad thing happened. I am fine with all of the locals approaching and asking if we want massage/nails done/hair braided, this is how they make a living. But, what I was not comfortable with was a group of Asian tourist who made it blatantly obvious that they were taking my photo.

Over and over again. At one point I got surrounded by them and their effing selfie sticks. Jarvis got pushed to one side. I lost it and said really loudly and clearly NO!  However, even when I was up sitting on the beach chairs with Justin and Jarvis having a snack...this one guy STILL kept taking my photo.

Really? Asian tourists wanted photos of a random 47 year old woman with pink hair in a bikini? WT?

Lunch was delicious, but hot! Both Justin and I ordered different rice dishes, mine came with an extra serve of hot chilly throughout.

Then it was back to the room, for a big nap, for one very tired over stimulated boy.

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