Sunday, 9 August 2015


As mentioned in my last sewing post, the other sewing I had to finish before going on holidays was my dress for the Handmade Dress Swap, which Tarryn of Butter and Buntings organised it. (Amazing of her).

I was partnered up with Sarah, of The Woof and the Warp. I was going to post about the dress I made her, but I am too excited, I have to first share the dress that Sarah made me.

It is gorgeous! The colours are perfect for me. Plus, for someone who has never seen me in person, Sarah got the fit of the dress so close. Across the bust and shoulders the fit is perfect, it was like she had measured me personally.

So far I have worn it layered with cardis and opaque tights, but I can see me living in this dress in summer. Yes, I know I live with a photographer, but I he never takes photos of me, so I have yet to get a shot of me in it. When Tamika gets home from Germany I will get her to take photos of me wearing the dress, just so everyone can see how stunning it is.

I love it so much, that I am thinking of getting the pattern of Sarah and making another one!

Sarah also spoilt me and included other gifts in the pack, her wall hanging now has pride of place in front of me when I sew. 

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