Sunday, 2 August 2015


I thought I would get heaps more time to sew before we went on holiday. However, since I got sick, really sick, I set myself the goal of sewing just two items.

The first being a dress for Sarah, we were partnered up in the Handmade Dress Swap. More on that in another post. The second item I wanted to complete before going on holiday was a beach cover/dress for myself.

While at work, selecting the fabric for Sarah, I came across this bright red and purple fabric, with apples and pears. Bright and fun, just what I wanted. Or if you go by it's correct name: 'Vintage Poplin #7.

I already had a pattern in my collection I knew I wanted to use, a ready easy and basic McCall's pattern M6552. From cutting, to finishing the kimono style dress everything was super easy. As usual, I did not follow the instructions completely and altered a few things along the way. Such as I used pre-made bias for the neckline instead of cutting it from the fabric. Plus, I used pre-bought bias to form the casing for the drawstring. As this is the second time using this pattern, I knew this would speed things along.

Verdict? I loved it and wore it so much in Bali. I cut it to a length that it would be long enough to wear to breakfast, but short enough to be cool in the heat.

I have called this kimono Eve. As I was sewing it I kept thinking of something her Mumma told me, that she called apples 'bopples'.

I can see me wearing Eve a lot, in our summer heat. 

This is the only image I have I myself wearing Eve.  So, you can see, even with my arms raised, she is a great length.

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