Tuesday, 28 July 2015


So after very little sleep the night before, we all set off to the airport, wondering if we were even going to get on a plane.

There was a delay, yet not due to the volcanic ash, but because someone had checked in, put their luggage on the plane, yet not boarded the plane. Who does that, and why? After a long, long wait, okay it was not that long. But we were excited to take off and this has always struck me as a weird thing to do.

Jarvis was an angel during the whole check-in, customs, flight, customs, bag retrieval. Not sure if the Bumblebee was the reason, but it definitely helped.

Part of the package deal, I booked, included a private car transfer from the airport to the hotel. So again, this all went with ease.

By the time we checked in we were all feeling pretty tired, so it was a very quick exploration of the hotel. Soon our bellies called, and we set off to find somewhere to eat. Yes, food ruled for most of our journey.

Jarvis was a little quiet on our first walk through Legion, I think over tired, plus a little over whelmed by the noise, sights and smells. He coped with this, by asking Justin and I to carry him, whenever things got too much for him.

After dinner I had a shower and the boys had a very long soak in the huge bathtub. Which Jarvis declared 'good'. Yup, he is a child who likes luxury. An early night, with the thoughts of a good sleep in... hmmm more on that in the next post.

Entrance to hotel.

 View from roof top pool.

 Ground level pool.

 Exit of hotel.


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