Tuesday, 17 December 2013


I came home from work today, and put on my cranky pants. They were so tight, they were choking me. The only thing to do? Throw a childish tantrum and ask "Am I the maid?". Which is obviously ridiculous, because Maids gets paid to clean up other people's crap. I work in retail, so I get paid to be spoken to like crap.

So after stomping around the house for awhile, I realised the only thing to do was to go and play in the dirt. With the chickens following me around, I dug in the soil. Turning over the earth until my cranky pants disappeared.

It was then I got to appreciate my surroundings. The plenitude of flowers on the cucumber plants, the sudden growth of the corn, even the pretty Barbie ribbons tied around the tomato trees. Talking to the 'girls', I felt the tension leave me.

The black chicken is the friendliest, she follows me closely when ever I am in the yard. The girls may have been a gift for Jarvis from Dad, but they certainly make me happy as well.

Yes, they are still "The Girls", or in Jarvis's case Duck, Duck, Duck.

 Any suggestions for names?

 My old wrinkly gardening knee, best solution for tantrums


  1. I wore my cranky pants for the majority of last week, even right up to the day before our photoshoot with Justin (like the lack of food in the fridge and the fact that I desperately need a hair cut) but on Sunday, in a stunning field of sunflowers and Sam by my side, my bad mood completely melted away. I'm unashamed to say that I've been in a cheesy, head-over-heels lovey mood ever since.
    Sometimes we just need to take a moment to breathe, feel the sun on our skin and do something for our own enjoyment. 
    Make sure you're looking after yourself too, lady. This is a crazy time of year in retail (and I can completely sympathize with you on being spoken to like crap...I even had a coffee tossed at me today. Tis the season to be jolly, right?) 

    Sar xx

  2. WTF? Who throws a coffee at someone? Then, Tamika had a burger thrown in her face as it did not look like the burger in the images on display.

  3. Oh there is nothing on earth like gardening to sooth the soul and remind you how to enjoy your own company. And anyone who wants to chew your ear off can join in by pulling a few weeds or something useful. Your chooks are beautiful and what a treat they have by spending time with mama in such a lovely garden. xo

  4. I find our chickens to be great little stress relievers as well...watching them peck and sun their wings reminds me that it doesn't have to all be so complicated and difficult.
    I am sorry that someone was rude to you...I hope that doesn't happen again and that your cranky pants stay in the closet!

  5. For me, I find being in the garden really good therapy. Helps south my angsty personality. Added bonus free food, without and chemicals!

  6. The black girl follows me closely. I keep expecting a peak to the butt as she always goes behind me when I am in the garden bed

  7. Physical activity always helps relieve stress! I'm almost positive that means gardening too! I am sorry you had a bad day :(

  8. I have been gardening to the extreme since we moved in. It takes a lot to establish a garden. Bad days happen, I think they balance out life...as long as there are not too many of them


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