Wednesday, 18 December 2013


As I am very new to chicken raising, I am not sure what is classified as 'normal' behaviour or not.

For the last day or so I have been noticing a hole dug in their enclosure. Today when we went up, the white girl was laying in the hole. At first I thought she was struggling to get up, so I reaching in to check on her. She then got up fine.

But it was then I saw that she had been laying on a largish round rock. Does this mean she thinks it is an egg? The white girl is twelve months old and she is a Leghorn Chicken.

We are used to weird animals, Tira is the weirdest cat I have ever known.

Does this mean we will get eggs soon? Or is she just playing surrogate mother to a rock?

 Tira likes to hang out in the cubby house


  1. She may be broody but chickens dig a pit to use as a dust bath. It is very good for them & is a natural defence against lice & other parasites. Probably remove the rock and then she will be very happy in her bath!

  2. The rock has gone. Now is the hole. I looks like she filled it in??

  3. She does like rolling in dust... Also running under the hose?


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