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Maryanne is a local multi-talented Brisbane artist. Maryanne is an amazing woman of great femininity and strength just like the women in her signature style, her "Mairzi girls".

Maryanne has started a project called the 100 Smiles. Her 100 day mission is to custom paint 100 shirts as a gift to 100 little girls to bring smiles and happiness. Not only is Maryanne painting 100 t-shirts with her original artwork,  she giving them away for free to 100 very lucky children. I say children, even though Maryanne says girls, she has made an exception and included one very lucky boy. Yes Jarvis is number 50!

Just a small sample of Maryanne's 100 Smiles Project

It has taken me a long time to write this introduction, how do you find words to describe someone who you admire so much?

I could go to her website and copy the words there:
"Maryanne draws inspiration from the colour and beauty of life ... from the desire to live this life like an illustrated adventure by creating female characters that bring happiness, colour and a playfulness to life! Art that inspires the desire to live life and your dreams exactly how you wish ... without fear, remaining positive, always being brave and never accepting the ordinary."

I could interview her:
First off, can you tell everyone a bit about yourself? 
I like to live a simple life and am no longer in any rush to do or be anything but myself doing and promoting what I love. I love my family, my friends, my possums, my cats and my records ;) I am very passionate about animals, protecting our wildlife and preservation of our land. Through my art I like to encourage others to promote what they love, be happy with who they are and be kind to themselves and others. I am on very simple mission through my art to bring happiness and inspire others to do the same. This can sometimes be mistaken as having your head in the clouds… reality is life is not easy for any of us however happiness is a state of mind and I will continue to promote this through what I do.

When did you start painting?
I’ve been painting my whole life, I used to paint or colour in everything and anything I could get my pens and paints on which was obviously to the delight of my mother haha!

Do you have any formal training?
I didn’t go to university to study art as we were too poor but that was never going to stop me being an artist.

Why did you start the 100 Smiles Project?
I don’t know how I actually start any of my projects, I just get these ideas and have to run with them to keep up sometimes. It started off at 30 shirts then went to 40 then 50 then I just thought “who am I kidding, let’s make it 100”
Kids have always supported and loved my art and never ask for anything in return so this is my gift to them. And the beauty of this project is that this is something money cannot buy as I no longer paint these shirts to sell due to the comparison in price of an original art piece. It has been amazing watching this project unfold, the levels of gratitude, happiness and the love that then carries on is the greatest reward for me. This project is simply about the art of giving, I call it the happiness tree.

What do you think you will do once the project is finished?
I do have some kids t-shirt painting classes in the pipeline in January and
also quite a bit to catch up on once I finish painting shirts so once I get through all that I am sure the next adventure will fall in to place and ill be ready to run with it again!

But none of this describes what amazing woman, and artist Maryanne is, and none of this covers her generous beautiful heart.

Maryanne website can be found here, and the link to her Facebook page here

Maryanne looking stunning in one of her t-shirts

Please note: Most of the words and images are Maryanne's


  1. Wow! What a beautiful project and she is sooo talented, love those t.shirts!!

  2. If you go onto Maryanne's Facebook page she is giving away one t-shirt a week in a random draw each Friday, you just have to like the image!

  3. What an amazing project...and look how happy those girls are! And Jarvis too of course...what a cool little dude he is!

  4. How amazing is Maryanne's generous heart?!

  5. I love those lashes! Fabulous work, Maryanne. I think this project is amazing. x

  6. Maryanne is gorgeous, the project is inspiring and those lashes... well I want!


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