Wednesday, 13 November 2013


What size are you? I have no idea what size I am! The other day I went shopping for the first time in three years, I needed a pair of black work pants. Even the shops did not know what size I am. I am anywhere from a size 6 through to a 12. In vintage clothing I can often be anywhere from a size 12 through to a 16.

I am sure any other female will be able to tell me that the sizing policy is inconsistent. This is due to all sorts of reasons; from some stores choosing to cut more generously- or tailor their clothes for curvier women- to the rise of vanity sizing, where clothes are labelled as small to give the customer a false sense of thinness. Or cheap clothing stores cutting their garments smaller. 

There has never really been a standard for women’s sizes, but years ago pattern sizes and ready-to-wear sizes were more or less the same. But over the past 30 years or so the sizes we see in stores have changed quite a bit. In general we are taller and fatter than previous generations, however, we wear smaller sizes!

As the sizing changed over time it would have been an epic challenge for pattern companies to change the sizes of sewing patterns to keep up, since the entire catalogue of available sizes would have had to be redone. As some sewing patterns stay in print for years. So now sewing pattern sizes don’t match up with the size labels in our closet, and this adds even more confusion.

I have spent the last two days attempting to draft patterns. I was going to make a small, medium and a large for customers who do not wish to have a custom fit, however exactly what is a small, medium and large? Do I make my sizes according to sewing standards? High End fashion standards? Or cheaper clothing label standards?

My new sewing space. I used my Grandmother's screen to divide the room.

Jarvis will have a space next to me 

My newest dump find, I was going to paint it and upcycle. But now it is in the space I think I may just leave it as is. 


  1. oooo look at your space, its looking fabulous! so great to see you grandmothers screen in use ad that dump find furniture....SCORE!!!! love it love it love it! sizing is ridiculous, i brought a vintage size 16 dress as i am a modern 14 in the process of dieting and it's like it was made for a child!!! loving seeing your work and sewing...more more more! x

  2. I don't care what size I am, what anyone is, my logic is as long as they are healthy and happy. What annoys me is there is no standards in sizes. In Australia I average an 8 but in the Uk I think that is a 6. In USA it is a 4 and I think Europe it is a 32. So confusing.

  3. I'm huge either way- HAHA. UGH I know eat fewer calories and work out- blah blah blah. Anyhoo I like how you set up your sewing space and Jarvis' play area.

  4. You ARE NOT huge> I have seen photos of you!


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