Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Baby Sarouels Sewing 1.


Not so long ago I made a promise to myself for more “me” time. Things I included in more “me” time was to start blogging; to take more photos; and another, was to sew more. So I have set myself a challenge of sewing at least one item per week. 

Where to start was obvious, that being Jarvis’s wardrobe. I got a major dose of inspiration from Sophie on her amazing blog Cirque du bebe. Sophie’s sewing is really good, I am more than a little envious of her skill, so I thought I would start with one of her projects, the Baby Sarouels.

So I raided Justin’s wardrobe and found this t-shirt.

Drafted a pattern

Then I half followed Sophie’s directions and half made it up as I went along. I didn’t include the pockets, but I did make a waist band to encase the elastic and the draw cord.

Because my model is not good at sitting or laying still, here are a couple of shots of the sarouels on the line.

Instead of using draw cord, I should have followed Sophie’s recommend and made it out of left over t-shirt, because after two washes the cord looks ragged.

But for my very first attempt at sewing a stretch fabric overall I am happy with them. Already started on next weeks improved version! Thanks Sophie for the inspiration and the great ideas in your blog, Cirque du bebe.

p.s. It it Sophie's birthday today, make sure you go over to her blog and wish her Happy Birthday.  


  1. love these! thanks for sharing :)

    1. Let me know when you make a pair, I would love to see them


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