Tuesday, 13 December 2016


Day three, Justin's goal was a 'good coffee and breakfast', so we set off in search of a cafe in Central on Cleverly Street. The route to the train station and the trains were becoming familiar so it seemed an easy trip there. Especially for Jarvis, who got piggy backed by either Justin, or I the whole time.

One of Jarvis's coping mechanisms when we travel, is to be higher for the first few days. I understand, I felt shoved and pushed at the whole time in Hong Kong, so I get that he wants to be higher. However, in the heat and humidity of Hong Kong carrying around an extra 20kgs on top of a heavy bag filled to the brim with drinks, snacks, wipes, cameras and so on. I felt very old and unfit. Lucky for me Justin is super fit and young, and would take Jarvis a good 70% of the time.

Cafe breakfast was very ordinary as far as Brisbane standards. But, as we found out through the rest of our stay, excellent for Hong Kong breakfast.

We then walked, and explored our way through the alleys until we got to the main road. We thought since we had done, planes, trains, and taxis, why not do a tram. Jarvis loved it. For us, it was a break from carting him around, and a chance to see things from a different perspective.

Jarvis then asked for a boat ride, and a helicopter ride. We obliged with the boat, and caught the Star Ferry from central back to Hong Kong Island

Once again we found a cheap, and amazing noodle place and I stuffed myself silly. So the only thing to do was go back to the hotel, have a shower, and a much needed catch up nap.

I ended up waking both the boys in the afternoon, think they could have slept all afternoon! Since we were having dinner with Justin's family in Diamond Hill, which is to the east of Koowloon, we thought a visit to Nan Lian Gardens was a good idea since it is so close to their apartment.

The Nan Lian Garden is a Chinese Classical Garden in Diamond Hill, Kowloon, Hong Kong. The garden has an area of 3.5 hectares. It is designed in the Tang Dynasty-style with hills, water features, trees, rocks and wooden structures.(This is taken from the Hong Kong travel Guide)

Yes, I took lots of photos of my hot husband in Hong Kong.  

The only thing to do after being immersed in all of that nature, well according to Jarvis and Justin, was a hour or more in a Kids Entertainment Center. Arghhh, torture for me! I really really really dislike games arcades, the noise the lights. Just yuck! But I really, really, really, love Jarvis so I sat there for an hour and half, and sucked it up.

It was a relief to go outside, and get once again sucked up in the heat and humidity. I wish I had taken more photos, than just one, of where Justin's family live. I find attempting to describe, to someone who has never seen inside Hong Kong apartments, is really hard.

After eating waaay too much food, we left to catch the trains home, and got to the hotel super late, and once again after showers all fell into bed exhausted. 

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