Wednesday, 11 May 2016


Yes, there is an upside to a sprain ankle and broken toe. For the last month, my life has been one huge stress bucket.

Our old car finally gave up the fight, and went to car heaven. So we had to get a new car, yes this is exciting, yet stressful because I had to over-extend myself to the max with getting a loan. The loan gobbles up most of my wage each fortnight. At the moment it is a stress for me trying to make ends met.

Then, my Father comes over, to tell me he and my step-mother have broken up. After 30 years! So at 79, Dad suddenly had to find a home and furnish it within a week. Of course the day the truck was booked to move everything it poured down with rain.

There are other things going on within my family, but cannot talk about them here. So when I get stressed I get sick. Coughing now for almost two weeks. Which in turn makes me over-tired and cranky. Which means I have stopped sewing, so I have even stopped getting that help from making a little extra income.

I cut off about... a lot.. of my hair, from below my bra line to above my shoulders. Yes, I cut my hair when I am stressed. Jarvis told me he hates it, and I look like a boy. Then, I go to work and my boss tells me like I have had a rough couple of nights. Even my boss thinks I look tired/crap!

Holly Molly.

Anyhow, so walking home from work Monday night I ended arse up. One sprained ankle and one broken toe. How is this good? Yesterday and today, I have forced myself, just to take time off. I have been reading blogs. I read a book last night. And yes, today laying in bed with my foot up while Jarvis is at the park with Justin. I actually even wrote this blog post!

So tell me, how do you de-stress?

Side Note: Image was created a life time ago. Pre-photoshop. Film was developed and then printed. Image cut up and re-constructed. Photocopied onto perspex. Perspex used as negative, and image re-printed. 

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