Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Ever have those days...weeks, when you just feel like you cannot 'adult'?

Late last week our car opted to, well, blow up. On Friday Justin and Jarvis waited for over four hours for RACQ to arrive and tow them. Yes FOUR FREAKEN hours! In the hot sun.

So, now we have to make a grown up decision. What car to buy? All my life I have driven vintage cars, VW beetles...three of them, plus a HR Holden Special, and a EK Holden Special. I sold my last VW when Justin and I started fertility treatments. We didn't pick the RAV, it was offered to us for sale from a family member, and I thought yup that will do, that will fit a baby capsule.

But, now, there is the huge choice of what car? Jarvis has narrowed it down to a 'rainbow car', I want a car with a tow bar (still dreaming about owning a caravan), but other than that how the hell do you pick a car? To me they are all pretty boring and ho hum. Justin needs a fairly large boot and roof rack to hold all of his equipment when he uses the car for shoots. It needs to be able to fit baby seats, and still have enough leg room. Other than that? I have no idea.

Any advice? I am sooo not adult enough to make a decision. 

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