Monday, 14 March 2016


On the Tuesday, the boys woke up early desperate to go to the beach.

Justin had booked his surfing lesson at Noosa, so Tamika drove the five of us there.

I think Justin had fun. He fell off a lot in the beginning, but eventually he got to stand and ride a few waves.

It got so hot, and windy, on the beach Tamika and I opted to swap locations while Justin finished his lesson so we wandered around to the Noosa River. We sat were the river joins the ocean. Highly recommended. The water was perfect, and there was shade for the kids to play in. Plus no wind.

None of us wanted to go home. But the lure of a nap in the air con, was just what we all needed after a full morning at the beach. The afternoon was spent down on Alex beach again.

I woke Wednesday morning and came out to these two just relaxing on the couch...such beautiful early morning light. But, it was also time to check out and head home. Only to meet up two hours later in Brisbane at the doctors surgery, both Chester and Justin had ear infections. 

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