Tuesday, 9 February 2016


Back to school has well, and truly, happened for thousands and thousands of children across Australia. With many starting  a new journey with High School, Year One, Prep and Kindy. But not Jarvis. It took me most of 2015 to feel 100% confident with my decision not to send him off to Kindy this year.

Jarvis, is a happy, confident, and very sociable child. I was at first worried that I was not allowing him access to a wider social circle. But, now the year has started, and I feel I have made the best decision for Jarvis, and for Justin and I as parents.

My belief has always been that we , as a country, over school our children. And yes, this is coming from me, who has a background in early childhood education. I could quote many studies from my thesis, backing my belief that we are pressuring our children into too much study too early and not allowing them enough time for play. However, I think the most important thing is my mother’s instinct. I honestly believe Jarvis was not ready.

He was not ready to be torn away from childhood, and pushed into formal education. I say formal, as even my doctor believes Jarvis is very advanced for his age. I believe thirteen years, (plus often add another four or more years at uni) is a really long time for children to be in formal education.

This is my belief for my child, well children. 

I am in a really privileged place to have the choice whether or not to send Jarvis to school. I am aware in some countries children do not get this choice. I also have had the luxury of more than ten years of tertiary education myself. Something which I hope Jarvis also has the choice. But for now Jarvis has one more year of being a carefree toddler/child.

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