Monday, 1 February 2016


I got easily side tracked this week. I cut out over half a dozen things to sew. But then, late one night an idea came to me, an I just had to get up early one morning before the heat hit, to draft a pattern and cut something out.

Even though I got sidetracked I at least managed to finish two items.

Item One
Digger boxer shorts for Jarvis. Since the kid is still wearing size one boxers, I figured it was time for him to go up a size or two. Jarvis chose the fabric and I altered the pattern to fit a size four. His waist still measures the same from two years ago, so they are long, and super baggy. But Jarvis loves them.

I have to include all of his "modeling faces". He kept telling me to take another

Item Two
Jarvis wanted Chester to have apple sarouels to match his own. So Chester seems to be getting a bit of a fruit salad theme over the last two weeks. Chester is on the little side, so a size two sarouels is extra roomy on him, but it will give him heaps of space to grow.

Oh, and here is the little cutie in his pineapple shorts from last week. 

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