Monday, 30 November 2015


We had planned to spend the morning and most of the day photographing the Tokyo Rockabilly Club. Which has been gathering every Sunday in Yoyogi Park near Meiji-Jingumae station for thirty years to celebrate spirit of the 50s. Justin and I had been excited about this for weeks. But of course on the one Sunday we are in Tokyo is rains. And no one shows up.

To commiserate we have a ginormous breakfast, and opted to spend the day just wandering around Harajuku. 

With a pitt stop for Justin to buy new Docs. (great customer service here!)

Yes, we could have travelled else where. But, travelling with a toddler, and with both Justin's and my love of photographing people. We knew we would be more than happy to people watch. I took so many photos that day, a lot with my little (heavy) accessory on my shoulders. On busy days, Justin and I take turns keeping Jarvis up high above the crowds

The highlight of the day for Jarvis was we went to the Deus Cafe, and we finally found him a chocolate milkshake. Jarvis got to oggle the bikes, and Jarvis consumed two milkshakes. So I had two very happy boys. 

Look at his milk stoned eyes! So content!

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