Monday, 5 October 2015


I was the first to wake, I lay there looking out over the pool watching the sun rise thinking how much I wanted to stay. Justin and I had the conversation about staying, with him flying home to shot weddings. I seriously did not want to come home. But money and two humans that I missed too much beckoned.

Soon the boys were awake, and we got up to enjoy our last day. Knowing we were flying out late that night, I had payed for an extra nights accommodation. Highly recommended for anyone flying with children. It meant we could really enjoy that last day.

After spending the morning at the beach, the boys came back for showers and naps. 

Where as I thought how could I possibly go home without a spa treatment?!
I had been offered so many massages on the beach, and fish eating pedicures as we walked around, but I am a bit of a snob, and had mine at the hotel. Two hours of bliss. I always feel like asking everyone to touch my face after a facial.

Dear Stranger... touch my face it is so clean and soft.

Yeah I know the last thing I actually want is dirty hands touching my face, but I get such a buzz from the clean of a facial. This one also included a neck and back massage. Bliss.

Strangely enough for our last meal in Bali we has Swiss. We were all relaxed and happy. So not ready for the rest of the trip. Or should I say delays.

I heard myself say, "no freaken way I am going to sleep on an airport floor". Okay, so exhaustion and knowing Jarvis would not sleep unless I lay down next to him may me change my mind. Oh, and Justin did the 'gentlemanly thing', loaned me his hoodie, so I could hide/sleep inside of it and pretend I was not on a filthy floor in a bright loud airport...

Ah the joys of delayed flights. Though, I should not say that out loud, as if all goes well, when this post goes live, I, we should be in Japan!

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