Monday, 19 October 2015


I am counting the day, before we flew out to Japan, as day one of our holidays. As a day on the beach was a perfect prelude. 

Our flight was at 6am the next morning, with us needing to be at the airport at 4am, we thought it easier to spend the night at the Gold Coast

We left late morning to arrive at the Gold Cost in time for our 2pm check in, and took advantage of the beach in front of our accommodation. Every single time I go to a beach I sit there and day dream about living with-in walking distance to an ocean.

I am a last minute packer. Always have been, I buy/organise a few things in the week leading up to going away, but I always pack at the last minute. Combination of the fact I don't own enough clothes to pack in advance, and I never know what I will 'feel' like packing.

Which, in all of my overseas trips, has worked for me. Bar for this time. I blame it on Chester's party the day before, and two separate sets of visitors popping in to visit before we left. I am always cold on plans. in fact I often wear a light cardi all year round. So of course the one thing I forgot to pack is anything warm.

It was about 5pm when I realised I forgot to pack warmer clothes and my belt. Knew I would being going shopping the first day in Tokyo.

When do you pack? 

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