Wednesday, 30 September 2015


Normally when I write a 'Mum's in Business' post I like it to be full of positive information, and inspiration, on how Mums can achieve their dreams.

However, unfortunately this post is not one of those.

I will start with the good stuff. Em lives in Melbourne, and since has been running her online business Little Tienda. She has built up an amazing business, while also being an incredible Mum and woman.

Since 2012, visionary Em Dezentje has held an inspired vision to fuse the traditional techniques of Mexican artisans with the fun of Australian style. Passionate about fair trade and establishing a strong relationship with the artisans to provide high quality pieces straight from Mexico - minus the jetlag, Em’s inherent support of Mexican artisans has created fulfilling long-term relationships - and new projects to support these communities. (Direct quote from her about page for her online shop follow the link for more information)

The bad stuff, for the past seven Months Em has been fighting for her business name and reputation. All because an imposter from the states has set up a business stealing the Little Tienda name, and even stealing images directly from Em's instagram account.

Now, to make it even more compounded, during the night, on Tuesday night, instagram shut down the REAL Little Tienda instagram account.

Em owns her business trademark, and the copyright to all of her images on her shop and social media, yet instagram shut her account down. Em and her lawyer are trying to sort this out, however until then please go to her new instagram account and show her some love.

Then, pop over to her shop and appreciate all of the wonderful goodies the REAL Little Tienda has on offer. 

Please note: ALL of the image I have used on this blog post belong to Em of Little Tienda. 

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