Wednesday, 4 February 2015


Justin and Jarvis love to go to the park together. They go to a few different parks on the Southside, and to New Farm park. Problem is, I am now worried about them going to the park together.

Why? This should be something amazing, father and son spending time together outdoors.

The thing is, Justin tells me the last few times, including today at New Farm Park, that Jarvis was bullied. Today, a child threw his shoes at Jarvis and then pushed Jarvis over several times. Apparently Jarvis gets a hurt look on his face, but gets up and then continues to play. BUT THIS SHOULD NOT FREAKEN HAPPEN!

Victims of bullying include girls and boys of all ages, sizes, and backgrounds. But some children are more likely than others to be victimized because they appear small, weak, insecure, sensitive, or “different” from their peers.  
Some children can reduce their risk of being bullied by dressing or acting in ways that make it easier for them to “fit in.” Yet children should not be expected to conform to avoid the threat of bullying. Every child’s individuality should be appreciated for the value it brings to the group, rather than suppressed to reduce the risk of victimization. Furthermore, not all children are able to alter personal characteristics that may place them at increased risk.

Justin thinks it could be either because Jarvis has long hair, hence looks girlish, or because Jarvis is too polite. He will happily let other kids have turns and go first on the swings, etc.

Since it has not happened with me, I am not sure how to react. And in how to talk to Jarvis about this. I like that he is gentle and has nice manners. But is this making him appear weak?

When I was doing my Grad Dip in Education, I got training on how to respond to bullies, yet little on how to help a victim of bulling. Plus my training was aimed at high school students not at this young age group.

My final WT? Is how do children that young even learn such horrible bulling behaviour? 

Has your child ever bullied or been bullied? 

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