Sunday, 15 February 2015


If January was all about planning, early February seems to have been all about getting things into place, Including giving myself a week to mourn.

Then like a switch was hit in the last few days I have been filled with creativity. My sewing machine has been going none stop.

Okay well, not none stop. I have also spent a lot of time with the people that heal my heart. Including lots of babysitting Chester. (Tamika and Guy hope to open their cafe on Monday. More on that later.)

But, time with them, has me filled with creative ideas. Abstaining from my goal of opening an online store has been useful, it also seems that creating distance allowed me to actualize what I do and do not want. 

For a long time, research has pointed to happiness as being the ideal state to create in. So I guess I had to find my happy.

For me I had to :
1. Let go of negativity. Learn to forgive and forget.
2. Live in the present. Actually be with and concentrate on the now.
3. Treat everyone with kindness. Being careful with my words. Speaking gentler, kinder, and wiser. And listen more than I talk.

Obviously still working on my list, but for now it seems to be working.

And yes I know there are things like eating healthy and exercise, but lets face it no way I am going to do that shite. I am too busy eating chocolate and playing with Jarvis.

How do you find your happy? 

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