Tuesday, 6 January 2015


Dear Ovaries,

I think we need to break up. For all too long this relationship has not been working out for me.
Once a month you have me writhing in pain. In agony, that even on days stops me getting out of bed. You have me inhaling chocolate at an alarming rate. Because of the hormones you produce I cry over nothing. Plus you make my tummy swell to the proportions of a second trimester pregnant lady.
You also fail to give me the thing I want. More children.
While I do appreciate, more than words could ever express, how eternally grateful I am for the two children you did allow me to grow, I do think it is time for this relationship to end.

Love me

Side Note: Images were created a life time ago, on a Film Negative Scanner. Back in the day before Photoshop. 

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