Monday, 22 December 2014


It has been a while since our trip to Nambucca. Yet I could not leave off the last bit of our journey. Byron Bay. There is something about Bryon that embraces the heart and just lets you be.

I am old enough to say, and remember, Bryon back in the day. Yes it has become too crowded and commercialised, yet Bryon still holds it's charm.

We only had two days and one night, which is never enough in Bryon, the place makes you slow down and just breath.

The first day was all about hiking and exploring. Depending on your fitness level you can either do what we did, hike up to the Captain Cook Lookout which is the most easterly point in Australia, or drive up and pay for parking.

In our craziness we thought we would take the stroller. Hmm not such a good option when climbing down from the lighthouse to the water and then back up again. Lucky for me, Justin has enough stamina and strength to climb and carry all of the stuff, including Jarvis in his stroller. Yup, Jarvis got the royal treatment.

Lazy dinner and movies in bed was what was needed that night. Okay, well I needed it.

The next day Jarvis was awake before the sun in his excitement to go to the beach. Which is good and we like to leave the beach early so not to get sunburnt.

Exploring the town, testing their milkshakes and playing in the park, was our way of spending the afternoon. 

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