Sunday, 21 December 2014


One year down... did I achieve my sewing goals for 2014? I wrote a post at the beginning of this year trying to keep myself accountable. 

* Sew one item a week post it online
* Practice one new sewing skill per month
* Sew one item per month for someone other (more on this later)
*Sew items from my vintage pattern collection (what is the point in having them if I do not use them?)

Number one. I did sew well over 52 items, but not one a week, some weeks none. Other weeks, several items at once. Did I keep up my sewing posting online, no. So I think I go this goal about half way.

Number two. I did practice new techniques including vintage ones. But I do not believe I got one a month.

Number three. Yes I definitely achieved this goal.

Number four. I did this, also added to my vintage pattern stash. New to stop buying patterns. Okay this is not going to happen. I achieved this goal.

Over all not too bad, considering the lack of time I have to sew. Next year I should simply make the goal: make more time to sew every week. 

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